Studio Services



$5.00   Bisque Fire shared load

$20.00 Bisque Fire individual full kiln 

$5.00   Cone 04-06 Glaze Fire shared load 

$20.00 Cone 04-06 Glaze Fire individual full load

$50.00 Mid-Range up to cone 6 Glaze Fire indiv. full load

$5-25 Fees for any shelves damaged by glaze. Price based on extent of damage. 

$5.00 Low fire Lusters or enamels firing (cone 018-08)

$5.00 Fee for not unloading your individual load in a timely manner.

Kiln fees include:

  • use of kiln as listed per purchase. 

  • individual full kiln purchase must be scheduled with organizer as to not conflict with anyone else's firing schedule.

  • shared kiln loads will be once a month or as needed based on our availability. Price is per double kiln shelf space. (Approx. 15 mugs of space). 

  • To keep mishaps at a minimum, please make sure owner is present on firing day.

  • Mid-range is to be used only with permission to assure proper clay and glaze has been used for specified cone.

  • Catastrophic kiln failures may incur fees if your pieces or programming were responsible for damage. (Example: you fired cone 06 to cone 6 or you forgot to wipe glaze from bottoms). This doesn't apply to equipment malfunction. 

  • Shelves with kiln wash applied, posts, and stilts are available for use. Please place back on the proper storage shelf when not in use. 

  • If running an individual load, please keep mindful of the unloading times in case someone else is scheduled to run their load. Kiln monitor access is available through the skutt app.

  • You must clean your feet of your pieces as to prevent sticking to the kiln shelves.



$5.00 Daily Hand-building/painting only 

$10.00 Daily with Wheel

$2.00 Cleaning fee per day if you don't clean up after yourself

$25.00 Weekly Hand-building/painting only 

$50.00 Weekly with Wheel

$75.00 Monthly Hand-building/painting only

$150.00 Deluxe All inclusive Monthly access

$25.00 Individual pottery wheel lesson (includes 2 lbs of clay, and once dry: trimming, firing, and glazing.)

Basic Studio Services fees include: 

  • Shared Shelf Storage Space 

  • Access to restroom and clay sink

  • Access to refreshment kitchen

  • TV with access to Netflix, Hulu, and Disney +

  • High Speed wifi

  • Reclaim bins/Plaster drying areas

  • Wedging table use

  • Shared tools available (must be cleaned and placed back in proper place)

  • You must provide your own materials (glazes, underglazes, paints, clay, slip).

  • Multiple Easels available for painting.

  • M-F daily access 8am-8pm

  • Heated/Cooled studio space

  • Parking Area

Deluxe Studio All Inclusive access includes: 


  • 24/7 key code access to studio

  • access to underglazes, terra sig, and low fire glazes in stock (doesn't include lusters or enamels).

  • Freedom to work at your own pace and schedule.

  • Unlimited electric kiln access

  • Unlimited use of pottery wheel

  • Priority scheduling for kiln

  • Dedicated dry storage shelf and damp box